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Educational Uses of Wikis - February 6, 2009

Scenario #1: My middle school team needs to plan our cross-curricular "Environment" unit. We need to make sure we coordinate our lesson plans to fit in the field trip as well as the project fair day. We also need a way to discuss how our lessons have a cross-curricular impact that other teachers can pick up.

Scenario #2: In my science classroom, my students need to create a study guide to prepare them for the test on potential energy vs. kinetic energy and simple machines.

Scenario #3: In my 5th grade classroom, we would like to enhance parental communication, parental feedback, and parental involvement. In addition, we'd like to have parents share their talents/skills/experiences with our students.

Scenario #4: We need to plan a community-building potluck for the inservice on February 13. We need to A) brainstorm what to bring, and B) determine who will bring each item. But we don't have time for a meeting, and "reply-all" email is too messy.

Other examples worth a peek:
Wiki as a classroom organizer (calendar, links, lesson plans, and student projects) in a history classroom
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Wiki as a classroom organizer in a biology classroom
Art Classroom Visual Terminology Wiki
Scientific Investigation & Write-up Wiki
Boynton PTA Wiki
Personal Belief Statement Wiki
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Additional resources:
Wiki-walk through (great for self-directed professional development)
Specific strategies to promote active wiki building