Middle School Planning Wiki for Environmental Unit

Hello everyone! For our upcoming unit, remember these 2 dates: February 19 = whole team field trip to Boonies Wildlife Reserve Education Center, and February 27 = whole team project fair. Be sure to add any specific calendar changes to our discussion board and I will update our calendar.

Also, be sure to collaborate on 1) the unit learning outcomes (below), 2) the requirements for the final project (below), and 3) any threads started in the discussion board (click on the discussion tab).

Note to team: Form Steve Quadratic 8th grade Math teacher: Looking at my planner I can not spend this many days on exponents. I have a lot of material to cover and if I am going to stay on course I need to have the test with exponents and then we will be moving in to 2 step equations. You know how math is and how one thing builds on another and we have to get all this covered so they are not behind next year. If they miss two step equations in 8th grade they will not be able to do advanced calculus in college. But good luck we are all counting on you.

Unit Learning Outcomes:

Final project requirements: I still feel we need to keep the XYZ report as part of the final----this is where we show the connection to health literacy and technology integration. (kthuente) We also need to check alignment of the National Science Education Standards with the presentation at the field trip location. Should also consider how the Essential Concepts and Skills in Science from the Iowa Core Curriculum relate to the objectives of the field trip. (cedmondson) As a health teacher, I would like to throw out the idea of having students develop some sort of project from this unit to demonstrate their learning. . . something like a brochure, poster, or some other project where they can show the hazards of air pollution on the human body (especially the lungs) - (pchristensen)