Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy Study Guide

Hello everybody! Remember, our test on potential/kinetic energy and simple machines is next Friday. Below, add in information that best summarizes the key concepts of our unit. I've added the section headers already.

Remember, I will only take questions from information on the study guide. I will look at the history of the wiki to assign extra credit participation points.

Potential Energy- the capacity or ability to do work or move something,Issac Says
Kinetic Energy- energy in use , classroom answer
Thermal Energy- the energy from the movement of molecules, has something to do with heat.
Chemical Energy- Mixing baking soda and vinegar, not sure about this one can somebody help?
Nuclear Energy- BOOM!, energy that is new and clean. This includes fission and fusion.
Ideal Mechanical Advantage- A machine that does my work math and more
Actual Mechanical Advantage- Dad having me clear out the shed

Simple Machines
Picture examples and more
Levers-A crow bar is an example of a lever. There are first-class, second-class, and third-class levers.
Wheels- round things that roll
Pulleys- those things that help me lift an engine
Inclined Planes- a plane as it takes off
Wedges-My favorite Pizza
Screws- Holds the wood together
Include examples of each of the simple machines to be identified on the summative assessment (cedmondson)