Mr. Abbey's Parent Wiki

I want to welcome all of my 5th graders' parents to the parent wiki. This site will help you know what activities we will be doing in class and give you a chance to see the class policies. I also will post homework help items here to help you work with your child at home.

This also is a meeting place for the class parents. Feel free to post questions for other parents under the discussion tab. One project we are working to accomplish is our Parents-In-The-Classroom. We hope to have every parent contribute to the class' learning, either with a question-and-answer session with students or a sharing activity. In the space below, please add what you would like to contribute to the class.

Upcoming Events:
Simple Machines and Potential/Kinetic Energy Test - Feb 13
Inclined Planes Lab - Feb 10
Study Questions, Chapter 4 - Feb 17

Class Policies:
Course Syllabus
Paula Stevens (Susie's mom) - On your course syllabus, I see you are planning a trip to the zoo. I could be a parent/chaperone for this fieldtrip, if you are looking for someone.
Late Homework Policy
Ben Button ( Reds Dad) I have a question about your homework policy, it seems pretty vague can you give me a call at Thanks
How to Complete a Lab Write-up
Ben Button ( Jackets Dad) Jacket completed her lab just like your lab write up says but received no grade. Can you tell me why?

Homework Help:
Student Examples of Past Projects
AEA Online Resources

Parents In The Classroom:
Joan Schiller (Tyler's mother) - Once the new guinea pigs are born, we can bring them in for the class to see. I can have the class help feed and groom them, as well as look at their features.

Rusty Harrison (Andrea's father) - When you do your project fair day, I would like to videotape and create a DVD for the class to remember the project.

Craig Edmondson (Rachel's father) - I can assist with any activities you plan in the classroom. Having my own construction business, I can
come in on any given day, with a couple of days' advanced notice.

Paula Stevens (Susie's mom) - I can videotape for you, if needed for the days you do project presentations.