February 13 Inservice Potluck

The big potluck is coming quickly! Look at the planning below:
1. If there is an item missing from our "we still need" list, please add it
2. To sign up, please move the items from the "we still need" list to the "we'll bring" list and put your name by them
3. Remember, we'll need to each volunteer for at least 3 items.

We'll bring
We still need
Napkins - Evan
Kim = Green Bean Casserole
Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower
Ranch Dip
Craig = Condiments (Pickles, Onions,
(Tomatoes, Ketchup)
Chocolate Chip Cookies, plates, cups, and plasticware - Peg
Rob- BBQ Beef, Simple Machines,
Chicken lips,Hash-brown Casserole
Hamburger Buns
Fried Chicken

7-Up Punch